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Press Releases

Savvysoft Improves Performance Attribution To Explain 100% of Bond or Swap P&L

Savvysoft Adds Routine To Display Implied Forward Swaption Volatility

Savvysoft Adds Function To Calculate Key Rate Durations

Savvysoft Releases New Multi-Factor Model For Ratchets

Savvysoft Releases New Model For Accumulators

Savvysoft Adds Models To Calculate Detailed Swaption Sensitivities Under Volatility Skew

Savvysoft Releases New Types of Interest Rate Cap and Floor Models For Knockouts and Digitals

Savvysoft Wins "Most Innovative Derivatives Technology" Award in Latest Risk Magazine Survey

Savvysoft Releases Upgrade to OTC BackTesting&Risk

Savvysoft #1 In Rates And #1 In Cross Asset, #2 In Structured Products In 2014 Risk Magazine Derivatives Technology Survey

Savvysoft Earns Top Rankings In Every Pricing And Analytics Category In 2013 Risk Magazine Derivatives Technology Survey

Savvysoft Releases New Derivatives Pricing Models To Handle OIS Discounting

Savvysoft Wins Two #1 Rankings For Derivatives Analytics In 2012 Risk Magazine Derivatives Technology Survey

Savvysoft releases its newest product OTC Backtesting&Risk concurrent with the introduction of Bloomberg's new App Portal

Savvysoft #1 In Rates for Seventh Year In Risk Magazine Derivatives Survey

Savysoft Develops Suite Of Models For Inflation Derivatives And Bonds

Savvysoft #1 Derivatives Analytics Firm In Risk Magazine Survey For Sixth Straight Year

Savvysoft Extends OmniPricer With Libor Market Model

Savvysoft Announces New Asset/Liability Management System

Risk Magazine Ranks Savvysoft #1 In Derivatives Analytics For Fifth Consecutive Year

Savvysoft Upgrades STARS Accounting, Now Capable Of Generating Journal Entries And Hedge Doumentation

Savvysoft Releases Model To Price CDOs

Savvysoft Offers Auction Rate Security Pricing

Bear Stearns Implied Default Probability Up By More Than 65% At CorporateDefaults.com

Risk Magazine Ranks Savvysoft #1 In Derivatives Analytics For Fourth Consecutive Year

Savvysoft Releases Market's First Recombining Tree-Based Multi-Factor Libor Market Model

Savvysoft Releases STARS Accounting, A New Hedge Accounting System

Savvysoft Introduces New Snowblade Model

Risk Magazine Ranks Savvysoft #1 In Derivatives Analytics For Third Year In A Row

Savvysoft Creates New Model To Price Snowballs

Savvysoft Announces New Model To Price PRDCs

Savvysoft Releases New Model To Price TARNS

Risk Magazine Again Ranks Savvysoft #1 In Derivatives Analytics

Savvysoft #1 Again in Latest Euromoney Magazine Survey

Savvysoft #1 Derivatives Analytics Vendor In Risk Magazine Customer Survey

Microsoft registers "Excel" trademark 19 years late; Savvysoft cries foul

Savvysoft Garners Two Of Four Awards In Euromoney's First Annual Financial Technology Survey

Savvysoft Announces Patent-Pending Software To Run Excel 300 Times Faster; Migrate Excel To Other Systems 500 Times Faster; While Eliminating Operational Spreadsheet Risk

Savvysoft Announces STARS, Savvysoft Trading And Risk System

Savvysoft Announces Analytics4Rent.com

Savvysoft Launches Unprecedented New Website: www.FreeCreditDerivatives.com

Morgan Stanley Derivatives Trader Joins Savvysoft As Director Of Product Development

Former Head of Bankers Trust Derivatives Research Announces TOPS 2000 Credit

Savvysoft Announces Release of New Version for Infinity FinEx

Savvysoft Announces TOPS for Applix

Former Head of Bankers Trust Derivatives Research Announces TOPS


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