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"We have been using Savvysoft pricing models for the past five years. The broad range of instrument coverage combined with excellent technical support has been a great resource for meeting the requirements of FAS 133 valuations and reporting. Savvysoft quickly generates prices for high volumes of structured derivatives. The prices we get from Savvysoft calibrate well with the market."

Frank Aleman, Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco

"Savysoft has kept up with all the new derivatives structures we have needed to price. Their support does not just cover the software: They know the finance and speak our language."

Paul Lloyd, Bank Gesellschaft Berlin

"Savvysoft offers the high-caliber trading, risk management and reporting tools we need to handle complex derivatives at a price that will not break the bank. We have been extremely pleased with their high level of ongoing support."

Manager, Alabama Regional Bank

"The values I get from TOPS calibrate with the market. Im impressed with how quickly Savvysoft has added new models and products."

Cathy Willis, Interest Rate Derivatives, Societe Generale

"You couldn't have made it any easier to use!"

Mark Astley, Schroder Capital Management International

"TOPS has an incredibly broad range of instrument coverage, and offers extremely flexible models that are simple to apply to real world problems."

Manager, Santander Financial Products

"Savvysoft offers unrivaled derivatives expertise and superb technical support. No other vendor offers Rich Tanenbaum's unique ability to decompose and explain complex structures."

Alan Nathan, Citigroup

"TOPS has been an invaluable tool for managing my FX exposure."

Manager, Financial Markets, Union Carbide

"TOPS models are easy to use and have been a vital resource for working with complex derivative products."

Hank Prybylski, Ernst & Young LLP

"I find TOPS to be an extremely flexible and easy to use tool in pricing and modeling structured notes."

Zsolt Szollosi, UBS

"With Calc4Web, I am able to write sophisticated C++ programs in minutes using only an Excel spreadsheet. Doing it directly in C++ would take several days. The product requires absolutely no programming."

Risk Manager, Canadian Financial Institution


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